Suedia 2010

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On the first day in Sweden we visited its wonderful capital, Stockolm. There we went to the Parliament when our guide was a man. He said that it is a misterious building because it has a lot of secrets.

At around 12 o’clock we went to a museum called „VASA Museum” when we had lunch too. The museum itself it was build around an old ship which was discovered very well preserved into sandy seabed. It was amazing to see a ship in a perfect condition from 1600. Of course I took a lot of pictures.

After this we returned to the hotel, in Norrkoping. That evening was free, so we went to shopping.

My second day in Norrkoping started at 7.00 o’clock AM, when I woke up with my mom and Luiza (my mother’s colleague). WE had breakfast and after that we went to KOMVUX. This is a swedish school, very big and clean. There I met some nice students. It was a very pleasant experience. At 4 o’clock we went to the City Hall where the guide told us interesting things about the history of Sweden. In the evening we went to a restaurant to have dinner. Because we were very tired we ate fast and get back to Scandic Hotel.

My third day in the northern country was nice. We woke up early and had breakfast as usual. Then we went to the school. There we stayedin a classroom with theachers from other countries. They talked about students and lessons. At half past eleven we had lunch in a factory canteen. We ate very fast and when we finished we visited the Musem of work (Arbeit museum) as well as the Paper museum. I took some photos and I tried to make handpaper. Of course, a nice man helped me…

On the last day of this travel, we went to visit Santa Claus….the real one, the one who gives us presents when it is Christmas 🙂

He lives with his wife and his dog and, of course, with one hundred elfs, in a forest near Norrkoping. There are a little house, a school and a church where elfs learn and pray. Now I pray to go there again, because I love that place.

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